At last, after a tiring journey on a tiny boat, you've finally docked at the beach of the fabled...

Illogical Lagoon

The distance


It is a small donut-shaped lump of sand, dotted with patches of earth containing palms and swaying ferns around the otherwise desolate ring. A warm wind faintly brushes your face as you make the first step towards the indigo lagoon at the center of this island. The soft, crisp sand almost crunching beneath you.

Suddenly, to your left you spot a woman strumming a ukulele, it seems that she spotted you arriving and is wandering closer. You find it curious that there's no other boat or abode on this island.

"Yet another has come" She trills softly. "Weary traveler, I do not know much of it myself, but many have come here seeking various answers to various questions. I can only hope you are prepared". Heeding her words, you take a quick glance at the lagoon itself for the first time;

It seemingly appeared that, ableit for a brief moment, the rest of the island had disappeared. But you quickly blink only to see that the lagoon isn't as expansive as you thought. Shaking your head in disbelief, you turn back to the woman and tell her that you've brought a diving suit, with plenty of oxygen for exploration. In response, she eyes the hardy equipment you've strung behind you, and looks at your small boat in the distance. "I do not understand, but that is fine. Just know that none who have ventured into this pool have returned. Not yet anyway." She says, shrugging and wandering back in the direction she came. Once again plucking at her ukulele.

Suddenly, you're curious about this woman, though she told you that she doesn't know much, you could always try Asking a few questions, or just shake off the thought, Get equipped and dive.