Curiosity has driven you, and so you decide to glean more from...

The Musician

Upon nearly calling out to her, she turns to face you from a distance and approaches once again, her instrument by her side. You hardly even made a sound yet.

"What is it?" She asks as she's finally within earshot. You tell her that you just wanted to ask some questions. "Fine, but make it quick, there is little harmony in the rhythm of conversation".

"Home? Right here of course! It's sustainable and safe, despite how small this land looks. No doubt you'll be surprised what you can fish here!" She says, casually pointing over to the lagoon. "No pressure".

"This little thing?" She holds up the Ukulele. "I made it myself, it's a little crude but it sounds lovely, right? Now there's only palms on the island, but the music is worth it!" Laughing off the matter, she strums the instrument a couple times. "And as for the strings... you don't wanna know, mmkay?".

"The others I mentioned? Well, I don't think they're dead or anything, it's a little difficult to explain, but chances are they won't be coming out anytime soon" She glances back to the lagoon and waits in silence for a few moments. "Daw, thought I'd jinx it".

"Honestly I don't know much else, are we done? My ears are burning with this lack of music!

The Musician begins to play her Ukulele once more, looking at you expectantly. "Play something on that weird metal drum of yours already! It's been so long since I've heard someone else play!" She's pointing to your large copper helmet with her foot.

While it's definitely not an instrument, it sure seems hollow enough to bang a noisy tune if you're feeling creative. But you could also just head straight to the lagoon if you like.